Asus ROG Phone 7 features AI that detects ‘kills, deaths and victory moments’ in games

The company is working towards bringing A.I. support to more mobile titles

Asus ROG Phone 6

Taiwanese electronics company Asus aims to capture the attention of mobile gamers with its new mobile gaming phone, the ROG Phone 7, which marks the first instance of A.I. for automatic gaming capture.

The A.I. feature can be found in the phone’s “Game Genie” dashboard and is known as ‘X Capture.’ Based on the company’s own A.I. pattern recognition system, the tool can detect key events in supported games, such as “kills, deaths and victory moments.”

Another new tool known as ‘X-Sense’ also makes its debut on the phone, using the same algorithm and notifications to help the user make live, in-game decisions.

While this all sounds pretty useful for enhancing mobile gaming experiences, unfortunately, both AI  features currently only support the title Arena of Valor and only in markets such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. Still, the product team is apparently already working on supporting more titles.

As for other features, the clip-on cooler from previous models is back and with an upgrade. It now doubles as a subwoofer — giving the phone a big push in terms of sound quality by allowing its stereo speakers to shine. ‘Vibration mapping’ has also been added, allowing users to add tactile feedback to their designed buttons.

Bundling everything that worked with the previous ROG Phone 6 and improving on it, including improved thermal cooling, an upgraded front camera and improved brightness for better viewing, the ROG Phone 7 looks to be hitting all the marks when it comes to a great mobile gaming phone.

The Asus ROG Phone 7 will have select models available for pre-order in Europe and Taiwan on April 13th, with Asus confirming that the ROG Phone 7 series will eventually be launched in the U.S., with no information on the date or pricing yet. It’s unclear if the device will make its way to Canada.

Image credit: Asus

Via: Engadget