Chatr rolls out 4GB bonus data deal on 3G and 4G plans

The offer expires on April 17th

Chatr is offering new customers who sign up for autopay 4GB of bonus data for 12 months.

The deal is similar to a recent offering from Lucky Mobile. However, unlike Lucky, Chatr’s deal applies to 3G and 4G plans.

The deal on 3G plans applies to the $35/month 2.5GB, $40/month 5GB, $50/month 10GB, $60/month 15GB, and $70/month 20GB offerings.

The bonus data is available on all 4G plan offerings, which start at $40/month for 2.5GB.

It’s worth noting that the 4GB of bonus data includes the 2GB bonus Chatr gives to customers for signing up for autopay. In other words, you’re really only getting 2GB extra.

Chatr’s offer expires on April 17th.

Source: Chatr