Samsung tablet capable of folding may be closer than we think

Could we see the first foldable tablet from Samsung later this year?

At CES 2023, some of the tablets shown off by companies included foldable devices, such as Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid. It’s rumoured that Samsung’s first folding tablet could become a real product later this year.

Twitter user @Tech_Reve dropped a tip regarding the tablet, stating that it could launch alongside the Galaxy Tab S9. Despite not being a reputable leaker community, the user also revealed the tablet’s name — the ‘Galaxy Z Tab.’

This isn’t the first time speculation has circulated about a foldable tablet from the company, with reports going back to August 2022 about the foldable device.

Although no word has come from the tech giant directly, the rumours are gaining traction, with some believing the jump from phone models like the Galaxy Z Flip line to tablets not being unreasonable. If select Galaxy smartphones can fold, why shouldn’t the tablets?

Regardless of if Samsung follows through, it will be interesting to see if anything comes from these rumours, especially with the company tinkering with the concept openly now.

Source: @Tech_Reve Via: Android Police