Android 13 is running on more than 12 percent of Android phones

Android 13 has more than doubled its users since last quarter

Android 13 easter egg

Recent numbers show impressive growth from the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, with Android 13 running on over 12 percent of Android phones — more than double the amount last quarter.

We may be used to companies like Apple boasting about the number of users running the latest version of iOS, but it’s not often Google shares similar successes (although on a smaller scale). In fact, the company just made it harder to access its market share graphs. Quarterly reports can still be accessed through Android Studio, however.

Despite having a history of falling short of first place, Google’s latest report shows considerable growth with its latest operating system after a start that saw only 5 percent of smartphones running Android 13 in its first month. Without question, users are switching over from Android 12 to Android 13, with the previous OS being down 2.4 percent since January.

This information comes from Android’s most recent distribution chart.

Samsung deserves a cut of the praise for Android 13’s recent growth, with the tech giant updating its older smartphones to Android 13 and the new Galaxy S23 coming with the operating system installed. Android 13 is expected to make its way to its mid-range models, so the growth could ramp up even more over the coming months.

Android will hopefully celebrate the small wins, but not for too long. Android 14 beta 1 was revealed by Google recently, which marks the company’s desire to capitalize on its recent growth immediately.

Via: Android Police