Lego recreation of Nintendo’s Game Boy has fans calling for an official release

We already have a Lego NES, now we need this.

Lego Game Boy

Leave it to Nick Lever, video game editor and Lego Masters Australia finalist, to create an incredible replica of the iconic Nintendo Game Boy handheld using Lego bricks.

The build is shockingly accurate to the original handheld’s design, which is made even more surprising considering the lack of expensive or complex materials used by Lever. The entire creation consists of 364 pieces and only 115 parts, but they work together to capture the Game Boy’s design perfectly.

The build features the classic angled Start/Select buttons, the rounded edge on the right side, and the distinctive Game Boy tinted screen, accomplished by placing green tiles underneath a trans-blue window. Even the D-pad is tactile, alongside the A and B buttons, and there’s also a slot to pop a cartridge in.


Lever is selling the instructions for the build for $5.65 on Rebrickable. The site is capable of automatically adding to your BrickLink shopping cart, another website that acts as an online marketplace for Lego pieces and sets, giving those looking to create their own Game Boy an easy start.

With Lego already selling a build for the Nintendo NES, many fans are hoping that an official Game Boy build will be released sometime soon.

This set could be made possible by Lego Ideas, a program run by The Lego Group that allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets available commercially. The original designer even receives 1 percent of the royalties if their idea goes up for sale.

Until then, nostalgic 90s gamers will have to show off their creativity and building prowess and take a shot at re-creating Lever’s model.

Image credit: Nick Lever

Source: Nick Lever Via: The Verge