Latest Pixel Tablet leak shows possible privacy switch… or does it?

There's definitely a new button we haven't seen in previous images but who knows what it does

We’ve known that Google has been working on a Pixel Tablet for some time, basically since Google I/O 2022 when the company first teased the device. At this point, it seems like we’ve learned everything there is to learn from leaks and teases from Google, but a new leak points to something we haven’t seen before; a privacy switch.

Well. It might be a privacy switch. It’s definitely a button and we haven’t seen it before.

Leaker SnoopyTech posted two images showing the front and back of the Pixel Tablet and questioned whether Google chose the “best design.” While at first glance, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before, Android Police says it looks like there’s a privacy switch on the edge of the tablet.

In the picture of the back of the Pixel Tablet, Android Police says, “you can see a switch on the top left above what we believe to be the volume controls.” Frankly, I don’t see it.

What I do see are two buttons on the left side of the top edge of the tablet, near the camera. I also see what looks like a button on the top end of the left edge (technically the right edge since we’re viewing it from the back) near the camera. The only other things I see on the edges of the tablet in this picture are what appear to be speakers and a USB-C charging port.

So, I count three buttons total, which likely will be volume up/down and power.

Image credit: SnoopyTech

Android Police does go on to say that the buttons on the edge of the tablet haven’t appeared in previous Google imagery of the Pixel Tablet, and I do agree there.

Looking back over the various images shared by Google in teasers and that corner of the Pixle Tablet isn’t prominently featured in most. When it is, it’s not clear enough to make out details like buttons. Similarly, most Pixel Tablet leaks don’t offer a clear view of the top edge of the tablet. And the button on the side of the tablet definitely hasn’t appeared in previous leaks and teases.

However, I did come across a leak we covered from leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, who shared photos of a Pixel Tablet that they received. Two of the images show the top edge clearly enough that you can see two buttons up there near the camera, just like in the SnoopyTech image. My guess is those are the volume buttons. However, Wojciechowski’s pictures don’t clearly show the right edge of the tablet where the other mystery button resides.

Of course, the pictures from Wojciechowski are likely a pre-release unit of some kind, and therefore, it’s possible Google could have added to the hardware. But I have some serious doubts about the claim of a privacy switch.

That said, adding a privacy switch would be a really good idea for the Pixel Tablet, especially since Google is positioning it as a hybrid smart home device. Google’s Nest Hubs have privacy switches to disable the camera and microphone when users want some privacy — with the Pixel Tablet set to replace the Nest Hub, it would only make sense for it to have a privacy switch as well.

We likely won’t have to wait longer to find out whether the Pixel Tablet has a privacy switch. Google will likely reveal the tablet at I/O in May.

Image credit: Google, Kuba Wojciechowski

Source: SnoopyTech Via: Android Police