Bell provided the fastest mobile and fixed broadband services in Q1 2023: Ookla

Bell also led in 5G performance

Bell offered the fastest mobile operating speeds in Canada in the first quarter of 2023, Ookla reports.

The company’s Q1 2023 Canada Market Report shows Bell offered a median download speed of 111.11Mbps. The last quarter listed Telus as providing the top download speed. While the Vancounver-based company’s speed did improve to 102.47Mbps in the most recent quarter, it didn’t match Bell’s pace.

While Rogers offered the slowest mobile download speed at 85.67Mbps, it ranked first in upload speeds. The company’s upload speed was 13.14Mbps, compared to 11.12Mbps at Bell and 10.98Mbps at Telus.

Bell also offered the best 5G connection, with a 5G media download speed of 183.29 Mbps. Telus offered the second fastest speed at 158.56Mbps and Rogers was third with 125.64Mbps.


There are many smartphones available for Canadians to pick from. However, according to Ookla’s Q1 results, a singular device doesn’t statistically stand out as being better than the others.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, for example, offers a download speed of 148.75Mbps, an upload speed of 21.20Mbps and a latency of 36ms. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a download speed of 139.94Mbps, an upload of 21.06Mbps, and a 36ms latency.

There was also no “statistical winner” in the manufacturers or chipset developer categories.

Fixed Broadband

On the fixed broadband side, Bell also scored the highest, with its fibre network providing a download speed of 281.94 Mbps. Rogers ranked second with 270.84Mbps, and Shaw third with 242.29Mbps.

Bell’s fibre network also had the fastest media upload speeds at 235.72Mbps. Telu’s fibre network ranked second with 175.45Mbps and Shaw third with 75.55Mbps.

Update 17/04/2023 2:04pm ET: Rogers specific median download speed has been added to the story.

Source: Ookla