Amazon adds new ‘Dialogue Boost’ option for select Amazon titles

The new feature was implemented to help users who are hard of hearing


Amazon now provides an alternative to traditional subtitles through a new Prime Video option known as Dialogue Boost for select Amazon originals.

The feature allows the user to increase the volume of on-screen dialogue, without increasing background noise or additional environment sounds or music. The feature is available in low and high boosts, depending on how much audio assistance is needed. Dialogue Boost can be found in the audio menu of compatible titles and can be turned on the same way subtitles would be.

The AI-based technology operates by isolating audio and intensifying speech in scenes that have been determined to have overwhelming background noise. The option is currently exclusive to Prime Video members and is only available on select Amazon-produced titles.

Users who are curious about certain titles’ compatibility with Dialogue Boost can check the details page for availability.

While the feature may seem practical for some, Amazon says the implementation will help those who are hard of hearing. The company plan to add Dialogue Boost to more titles later this year.

Amazon Prime Membership, which includes Prime Video, is available for $9.99/month.

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Image credit: Amazon

Source: Amazon Via: Engadget