New Sonos Pro subscription is focused on commercial audio

Sonos Pro is now available in the United States with other markets to follow

Audio company Sonos has announced Sonos Pro, a new software service that makes using Sonos products easier for businesses.

The new software as a service (SaaS) is a subscription-based offering that includes a dashboard allowing for remote system management across multiple locations.

The service is designed to work with businesses that already operate with existing Sonos hardware, to simplify the process of playing music in public spaces.

The effort to provide a streamlined approach to audio management for businesses marks Sonos’s venture into commercial spaces. Previously, the company was mainly focused on wireless speakers for home audio systems.

Sonos Pro is designed to allow users to manage and monitor their music from anywhere through the virtual dashboard, while also allowing for a sizeable and scalable setup, with subscribers able to add additional Sonos speakers across multiple locations.

Further, users will gain access to Sonos Backgrounds, a commercially licensed music service with music ranging from independent artists to third-party streaming services for those who don’t want to use their own playlists.

Sonos Pro is available now in the United States with additional markets to follow. Subscriptions cost $35 USD per month (approximately $46.84 CAD.)

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Source: Sonos