Microsoft rumoured to be developing a smaller Surface Pro

The new, smaller Surface tablets could hit the market in 2024

Microsoft is reportedly working on developing a smaller Surface Pro that would feature an 11-inch display as well as a Surface Go 4 model that would be powered by an Arm processor.

As reported by Windows Central, the smaller Surface Pro is codenamed ‘Luxor’ and would have a similar shape and size to the Surface Go, a budget-friendly 10.5-inch tablet.

The tech giant currently only has a 13-inch screen for its Surface Pro 9, regardless of whether it’s an Intel or an Arm-powered model. The rumoured 11-inch model would allegedly include a 120Hz display, the same as the 13-inch.

The gossip didn’t stop at the Surface Pro, with talk circulating about an Arm-powered Surface Go 4 model. The model has been codenamed ‘Tanta’ and is said to ship with a chip based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7c. The Qualcomm-powered model may be the first time we see the Surface Go line feature 5G support.

Window’s Central is claiming that these new models are unlikely to ship before the Fall of 2023, making early 2024 a more accurate prediction for their premiere. Microsoft and Intel are also both hinting at a new Windows 12 operating system, making both companies’ near future something to keep an eye on.

Source: Window’s Central Via: The Verge