Twitter starts removing legacy verified checkmarks

MobileSyrup's legacy checkmark has been removed

Twitter logo graphic

Elon Musk and Twitter have been adamant about removing legacy verified checkmarks from users’ profiles. The social media platform’s CEO first intended to initiate the removal of legacy checkmarks on April 1st, but that never happened.

This time around, however, Twitter’s official account shared that starting 4/20, only those who sign up for Twitter Blue would retain their Blue checkmark, and the social media company wasn’t kidding.

We can confirm that legacy verified checkmarks have been removed from user profiles. For reference, MobileSyrup‘s legacy checkmark has been pulled.

The company’s former leadership had assigned verified blue check marks to accounts as a means of distinguishing accounts of noteworthy individuals and public organizations. Now, however, anyone can get a Blue checkmark on their Twitter profile by paying $10/month or $105/year.

During the checkmark removal process today, certain users, including MobileSyrup staff, experienced perplexing glitches where their blue check marks vanished, reappeared, and disappeared again.

This comes soon after Twitter Blue expanded worldwide.

Image credit: Shutterstock