Shigeru Miyamoto interested in pursuing more Nintendo films

Could we see more Nintendo icons hit the big screen in the future?

Shigeru Miyamoto

One of the most recognizable faces at Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, says he’s interested in keeping the company in the movie-making business.

The news follows Nintendo’s massive success with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which raked in a staggering $377 million ($510 million CAD) globally during its opening weekend.

According to Japanese outlet Nikkei, Miyamoto referred to Nintendo as a talent agency with plenty of different entertainers. Without getting into specifics, he stated, “There are many possible ways we could go, such as using characters that would be fit for movies or very well-known characters.”

When one of your films becomes a contender for the highest-grossing film of 2023, why wouldn’t you want to pursue more movies in the future?

The question then becomes, what Nintendo franchise would best suit a role on the big screen? The possibilities are endless, with the company behind many of the most beloved video game sagas ever.

Naturally, Nintendo may look to follow up with a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, as it knows they have the audience and demand for it.

Miyamoto’s enthusiasm is shared by Illumination’s Chris Meladandri, who showed support for continuing their relationship down the line, with the former Nintendo GM stating that he’s “sure we will continue working on this partnership.”

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Image credit: Nintendo

Source: Nikkei Via: Nintendo Everything