Twitter reportedly now requires verification from all advertisers

This development comes amid the transition away from Twitter's traditional verification system

Twitter logo graphic

If you’re a person or a business looking to advertise on Twitter, it looks like you’ll have to start coughing up cash.

Several users of the Elon Musk-owned social media platform are sharing screenshots of this policy update. In it, the statement reads, “starting April 21, your @account must have a verified checkmark or subscribe to either Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations to continue running ads on Twitter.”

For context, Twitter Blue costs $10/month, while a verified organization status costs $1,000/month.

The statement further elaborates, “this change aligns with Twitter’s broader verification strategy: to elevate the quality of content on Twitter and enhance your experience as a user and advertiser. This approach also supports our ongoing efforts to reduce fraudulent accounts and bots.”

This development comes after the official phasing out of the platforms’ legacy blue checkmark system, a Twitter staple that hasn’t lasted the Musk acquisition.

The official Twitter page for ad account creation has not provided any updates, nor has Musk himself Tweeted about the change as of yet.

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Source: @MattNavarra Via: TechCrunch