Upcoming Pixel Tablet shown off at Milan Design Week 2023

Google Design has its own exhibit at the design event in Italy

Pixel Tablet photo

Google Design is taking part in Milan Design Week this year with its own exhibit, “Shaped by Water,” and included on display is the company’s upcoming Pixel Tablet.

The highly anticipated tablet was shown off in three distinct colour variants: pale green, pale white, and pale pink. Official naming for each colour option has yet to be revealed.

This is our first real look at the new pink version, and it seems to match the other options with its muted colour palette. A fourth colour variant is also expected to be revealed.

Interestingly, the rumoured privacy switch is nowhere to be seen on the body of the tablets. It’s possible Google is waiting for the official launch of the product to showcase the unique hardware addition.

The Pixel Tablet is flanked by various other Pixel products and accessories on the display table. Together, they make up a portion of Google Design’s overall exhibit at the event.

The Pixel Tablet is rumoured to launch around the time of Google I/O in May.

Via: 9to5Google