Apple planning to develop its own AI-powered health coaching service

The new service is codenamed 'Quartz' and is designed to help users maintain motivation to exercise

Apple Health App

Apple is working towards its own artificial intelligence-powered health coaching service and mood tracker in the company’s latest attempt to bring health and wellness features to its users.

The news comes from a report from Bloomberg. The new service is codenamed ‘Quartz’ and is designed to help users maintain motivation to exercise and help improve sleep and eating habits. Apple plans to use AI and data from Apple Watches to create coaching programs tailored to each user, according to people with knowledge of the project.

The move follows the company’s recent push towards health and wellness, which may include an expansion of the health app to the iPad, complete with features to help improve users’ vision. It’s rumoured that the project Quartz will have its own app with an attached monthly fee.

The service is allegedly being pushed for a debut in 2024, barring postponement or cancellation. The project is being backed by several teams at Apple, such as its health, Siri and services divisions.

Apple also plans to launch an iPad version of the iPhone health app. The change will allow users to see electrocardiograms and health results in a larger format. The update is planned to be included as part of iPadOS 17 in the coming months.

Tools that allow emotion tracking are expected to be added to the health app later this year, allowing users to log their mood, answer questions about their day and compare results over time. Apple plans on unveiling the iPad health app as well as the tools for managing vision and emotions at its WWDC in June 2023.

These new health-based plans are a separate entity from Apple’s rumoured journaling app, which will not be designed to include health features.

Image credit: Apple

Source: Bloomberg