Elon Musk burner Twitter account possibly leaked

Could this be the billionaire's low-profile account?


A tweet from Elon Musk is making the rounds on Twitter — but not for the reason he probably expected.

In a screenshot sent out by the owner and CEO of the company, it appears he is logged into a secondary account in addition to his public one.

The post was intended to showcase the in-app monetization settings for content creators. However, it didn’t take users long to point out the display photo of Musk’s three-year-old son up at the top.

After some investigating, users were able to identify the profile as @ErmnMusk. The join date reads “November 2022,” and the account name is “Elon Test.”

Most of the tweets appear to be pretty mundane, simply asking users to follow the account. It’s the “replies” section that is raising some eyebrows, with references to night clubs among other more colourful things.

It is unconfirmed whether or not this account is actually Musk’s burner account. Nevertheless, the account has already amassed 32 thousand followers since yesterday.

You can check out the possible burner account here.

Source: Twitter Via: TechCrunch