Telus and Bell now allow for 5G+ access on $85 monthly plans

Rogers also offers 5G+ access on its $85/month plan, a change it appears to have made a while ago

Bell and Telus now offer 5G+ access on their respective $85/month plans.

The $85/month plan is the cheapest option at Telus for one line. It provides 25GB of data at speeds up to 1Gbps and unlimited data at a reduced speed. However, the plan is only available for users who bring their own devices.

The company enacted the policy earlier this month, which previously allowed customers to purchase a device through Telus’ financing program.

Bell also offers 5G+ on its $85/month plan. It’s the cheapest plan option for users looking to use 5G+ services. However, the plan is not limited to users who bring their own devices. Also, unlike Telus, Bell has a cheaper $65/month 5G plan as well.

Rogers has been offering 5G+ access on its $85/month plan for a while now.

5G+ uses the 3500 MHz spectrum and builds on previously available 5G technology.