Amazon’s latest layoffs impact Canadians across the country

Layoffs are also impacting employees in Costa Rica and the U.S.


Amazon has started laying off employees, including Canadians, under restructuring plans first shared in March.

That memo said the changes would impact 9,000 individuals. Economic uncertainty plays a role, Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky said at the time.

Layoffs began Wednesday, LinkedIn posts shared by one-time Amazon employees show. The impacted employees reside in Canada, the U.S., and Costa Rica, according to a recent internal memo Selipsky shared with employees, as per CNBC.

“Given this rapid growth, as well as the overall business and macroeconomic climate, it is critical that we focus on identifying and putting our resources behind our top priorities — those things that matter most to customers and that will move the needle for our business,” Selipsky said in the memo.

Several former Canadian Amazon employees have taken to social media to share they’ve been laid off, impacting their roles as product managers and software engineers, and more.

Source: CNBC, LinkedIn