Apple Watch rumoured to get MicroLED screen in fall 2025

The new display tech has been rumoured to appear in Apple's wearable for some time

Apple Watch Ultra

2025 will be the year MicroLED finally hits the Apple Watch, according to a new leak from Ross Young. The display supply chain analyst shared the information to subscribed followers on Twitter (via Apple Insider).

The new Watch is tipped to arrive in the second half of 2025. Fall is a safe bet, as it lines up with Apple’s historic launch window for its watches.

A MicroLED-equipped Apple Watch has been rumoured before. Previous reports have indicated a 2020 release. More recently, 2024 has been on the table as well.

It is unclear whether the new display technology will be included across the entire lineup of watches, or if it will be exclusive to the higher-end Apple Watch Ultra.

MicroLED tech promises to inherit the best of both LCD and OLED panels. Among other benefits, it allows for the deep and punchy contrast signature of OLED, without the drawback of burn-in.

Apple’s incorporation of MicroLED into its other product lines has also been rumoured in the past.

Source: Ross Young Via: AppleInsider