Samsung’s upcoming Watch 6 Pro reported to feature a rotating bezel

The watch also reportedly features a narrower border

Samsung is working on the successor to its Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch 5 lineup.

While we already know quite a lot about the upcoming watch series through leaks and rumours, it is still unclear how many models of the watch Samsung will release and what they will be called.

The confusion surrounding the branding of the Galaxy Watch 6 family can be traced back to Samsung’s decision to remove the rotating bezel feature from the Watch 5 lineup. To differentiate the top-of-the-line member of the family from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung opted for the Watch 5 Pro name.

Rumours from March suggested that the rotating bezel is making a comeback with the Watch 6 series. The watch, according to the rumour, will be named Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Now, new rumours suggest that the rotating bezel feature may return in a ‘Galaxy Watch 6 Pro’ device. According to Ice Universe, a reliable source of Samsung leaks, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will have an overall design that’s similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic but with a narrower border, via PhoneArena.

Ice Universe didn’t share any information about the regular Galaxy Watch 6. However, there may not be a radical redesign with the Watch 6 since the Watch 5 wasn’t too different from the Watch 4. Further, the upcoming watch could hit the market with a brand new smartwatch chip known as the Samsung Exynos W980.

The Watch 6 series is expected to be released alongside the company’s new foldables sometime in August.

Source: @UniverseIce Via: PhoneArena