‘Toxic’ work environment plagues Severance season 2 production

Apple is still considering two additional seasons of Severance

Adam Scott Severance

Severance, Apple TV+’s critically acclaimed drama series, is reportedly facing significant delays in the production of its second season due to a falling out between two of the show’s writers.

As revealed by Puck News, Dan Erickson and Mark Friedman “ended up hating each other” before the completion of the first season, resulting in a “toxic” work environment.

Erickson, who is a first-time series creator and wrote the pilot episode, and Friedman, a seasoned writer-producer with credits including AMC’s Dispatches From Elsewhere and Fox’s Wayward Pines, had a rocky working relationship from the start. Although Friedman reportedly intended to leave before Season 2, he was convinced by fellow director Ben Stiller to stay after failing to find someone to replace him.

According to Puck News, unfortunately, the toxicity and issues that plagued the production of Season one continue to persist, with script issues and a ballooning per-episode budget cited as the primary concerns.

Apple is already considering two additional seasons for the show, which shows a mysterious company — Lumon Industries, whose employees undergo a procedure that separates their memories between their work and personal lives.

Beau Willimon, the creator of House of Cards, has been quietly brought in to assist with Season two and beyond. Season one of Severance, which debuted in February 2022, ended in April of that year. It’s currently uncertain when the second season would drop.

Source: Puck News