EA outlines patches to address Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s technical issues

The game has received a ton of criticism for its bugs across all platforms, especially PC

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cal and BD-1

Electronic Arts has detailed some of its plans to address the many technical issues that are plaguing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on across console and PC.

The Respawn-developed action-adventure game was released on April 28th to largely positive reviews, although a common criticism pertained to the frequency of framerate dips, crashes and other bugs. The company issued a statement on launch day to apologize for the game’s rough state and state that it’s “committed” to improving it.

Now, EA has elaborated on some of these efforts. On May 1st, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players will receive an update that addresses crashes, freezes, rendering errors and more. EA says the PC version of the game, which has seemingly fared the worst when it comes to overall polish, has already received this update. However, a new PC-specific patch will come on May 2nd to offer “performance improvements for non-raytraced rendering.”

In the days since release, Jedi Survivor has come under fire for its poor state, with Steam reviews bouncing between ‘Mostly Negative’ and ‘Mixed.’ Tech analysis website Digital Foundry has even called the PC version of the game “the worst triple-A PC port” so far this year. The issues are especially notable because Jedi: Survivor‘s predecessor, 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order, was similarly criticized for launching with many glitches. Of course, it’s impossible for games to be entirely bug-free, but the messy state in which both of Respawn’s Star Wars titles have launched is inexcusable.

For now, EA says it’s “hard at work on patches that will further improve performance and fix bugs across all platforms.”

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Source: EA