Elon Musk and Daniel Ek once again voice their displeasure with Apple’s App Store policies

The recent Twitter conversation sheds more light on the two CEOs' opinions about the App Store's policies

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Elon Musk and Daniel Ek, the CEOs of Twitter and Spotify, respectively, recently discussed Apple’s App Store policies, with both stating their displeasure through a public Twitter conversation.

Musk stated that the App Store has a “serious scaling problem,” with Ek agreeing, saying that the policies in place are “absurd.”

The conversation stemmed from a post from the Twitter CEO, where he discussed the launch of worldwide content monetization on the site. After explaining how content creators can enable their subscriptions, Musk added that “it takes a few days longer for subscriptions to go active on iPhone vs web, as all subscriptions currently have to be approved by Apple.”

Ek saw this as an opportunity to chime in, commenting on the policies ‘absurdity’ and following with his curiosity over the prospect of a platform proposing a different monetization split than that of Apple’s 30 percent.

This isn’t the first time app developers have called out Apple’s policies. At the beginning of Twitter Blue’s implementation, Musk made sure users were aware of a loophole that allowed them to pay $10/mo on the web instead of $15 on iOS to bypass Apple’s 30 percent cut.

Spotify is also no stranger to a turbulent relationship with Apple, with the company even claiming that Apple had practiced anti-competitive behaviour. Ek and his company also filed complaints with Apple in the EU.

Although the rants won’t likely bring immediate change to the App Store’s policies, the two CEOs likely hope their critiques make their way to Apple and don’t fall on deaf ears again.

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