Twitter’s founder says Elon Musk is ruining the platform

Jack Dorsey said 'it all went south' after Musk bought Twitter

Elon Musk with Twitter logo

Jack Dorsey is walking back on his claim calling Elon Musk the “singular solution” to Twitter.

He made the statement on Bluesky, a social networking app he helped fund, after a user asked him if current Twitter CEO Elon Musk is the best solution for the platform.

“No,” Dorsey replied. “Nor do I think he acted right after realizing his timing was bad.”

Dorsey founded and served as one-time Twitter CEO. He stepped down as head in November 2021 and from Twitter’s board of directors in May 2022. But while he was still a board member, he said he entrusted Musk’s “mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

Since then, Musk has taken over the company, fired thousands, and monetized the once-free platform (among a list of many other questionable moves).

“It all went south,” Dorsey said of Twitter.

But he holds some hope for the future, particularly Bluesky.

“But it happened, and all we can do now is build something to avoid that ever happening again. So I’m happy [Bluesky CEO] Jay and team and nostr devs exist and building it.”

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Via: TechCrunch