Handmark powers Bell’s UI with “Pocket Express”

handmarkbellBell launched its new user interface in tandem with the launch of the HTC Touch Diamond a couple months ago.

Striving to add more features and services for their customers, Handmark has come on board to offer its “Pocket Express” news and information service on select Windows Mobile devices (starting with the HTC Touch Diamond & HTC Touch Pro).

The new Bell interface lets you customize your home screen with a series of categories that they call “Content Bubbles”. There are over 30 “bubbles” that include News, Entertainment, Email, Sports, Horoscope, Weather etc… Pocket Express is basically a news aggregator of your favorite info that will deliver real-time info for to you for the bubbles you have chosen.

Sounds cute, looks good… but this is nothing new as Toronto-based Viigo has been doing this for the past year or so.

Nauby Jacob, vice president of User Experience and Content at Bell Mobility said “The Handmark content library gave Bell the ability to design a live home screen experience with two tap access to content bubbles including Top 10, business news, sport scores and more”

[Via: Handmark]