Fortune declares RIM as world’s “Fastest Growing Company”

blackberry-stormFortune has released a report that shows the “100 Fastest-growing companies” and state that “Even amid the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, some companies just keep growing”. Guess who was in the number one place? Yes – our homegrown Waterloo-based Research In Motion (RIM).

Even with their Q1 2009 results we staggering. They shipped 7.8 million devices and added about 3.8 million BlackBerry subscribers to bring their total account base to about 28.5 million. Net income was a $643 million (33% increase from the same quarter last year) and total revenues in the quarter were $3.42 billion.

Plus they still have the crown for the best selling Smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve. Hopefully they will be able to hold onto this title with their upcoming line up of devices (Storm 2, Onyx) and continue building in the social networking arena.

Other notable players in the mobile space was Apple at #39 and Google at #68.