Rogers and Fido officially release $150 15GB plan

iphoen-3GSIt certainly has taken a bit of time for this one too land. Not sure how many people will actually go for it but Rogers has confirmed they have officially released the “Data Plan for Heavy Users”. This was originally targeted for a June 16th date but got pushed back.

If you go way over your current plan this might be the one for you. Rogers says this $150 15GB plan “… is a special plan that is applicable to a very small number of customers – care and sales reps are trained to help identify which customers this would apply to. If a customer needs greater amounts of data than our existing in-market plans, Rogers will recommend this plan based on their usage. Customers should call their business account reps to discuss.”  The “Data Plan for Heavy Users” is available for both Rogers Wireless and Fido.

Also, their latest $30 6GB promotion is officially expiring on September 15th.