“Closer Look” at the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

macdm2It was a couple weeks ago now that RIM teased us by saying the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac: now available!”… only to say sorry a couple hours later and that it was not available.

However, on their Twitter page today RIM states “Are you ready for it? A closer look at BlackBerry Desktop Software…the Mac OS Version!”. Still not official (targeted for sometime in September) but they do give us an in-depth overview of it’s features.

As stated before, when this goes live you’ll be able to “Sync your iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks; Add/Remove applications; Update your device when new software becomes available; Backup and restore your device data with such features like automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption and Manage multiple devices.”

Check it out over at InsideBlackBerry here
Via: CB