Public Mobile drops $40 Unlimited plan to $30 until November 7th

Public Mobile comes out swinging yet again today with new offers. It was just yesterday that we reported a refer-a-friend promo and now they are going all out by reducing their $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plan by $10 (now $30). In addition, giving free Canadian and U.S. long distance free for one year (usually $10 a month)… not to shabby Public Mobile. This promo goes until November 7th. If you’re into a zone-based plan then this is probably one of the best deals going, especially for the Montreal area.

On another Public Mobile note… when they release a data device and their Unlimited Data offering (that will probably included Unlimited Talk and Text) what do you think it’ll come in at? $50, $60? Anything above $50 for their audience is too much as they are targeting the “value conscious” segment.

Check out the current promo here at Public