Update: Mobilicity finally launching another city… Edmonton going live tomorrow!

It’s been months and months of waiting for new entrant Mobilicity to expand outside the Toronto core… and today is the glorious day that sees the switch turned on for Edmonton. You can take a look at this coverage map above and see if you made it into their Unlimited zone. The same phone are available and customers can also take advantage of the new 3 monthly rate plans versus 6 that Toronto launched with (you can check them out here).

What do you think Edmonton… you like the newest wireless carrier in town?

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this a release went out that stated “Canada’s newest national carrier appeals to consumers tired of paying outrageous costs and getting horrible service from incumbent carriers” and that they will be going live tomorrow.

Chairman John Bitove stated “No one likes being stuck in an expensive ‘Big Three’ contract. No one likes spending hours on the phone to get a billing error reversed. Consumers have become so accustomed to being treated badly, many think they have no choice but to accept it. But they don’t – not here, not now, not anymore.”

Next up is Ottawa, Vancouver and then Calgary.