Mobilicity to launch Calgary along with the “Mobilicity Network Challenge”

Mobilicity will officially be launching Calgary tomorrow and the celebrations have already started. As stated before there will be 70 different places you can get hold of a Mobilicity device and they have also come forth with the usual grand opening specials: A $45/month Unlimited local talk, unlimited text/picture messaging, unlimited North American long distance, unlimited global texting, call features including Caller ID, voice mail, call waiting and unlimited data and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

In addition, Mobilicity created a bit more buzz and launched the “Mobilicity Network Challenge”. This is an interactive kiosk that will be visiting various Calgary points to see if people can tell the difference between their network and the other carriers (if you take part you’ll also get the chance to win a BlackBerry).

Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin stated that “We challenge Calgarians to try our state-of-the-art 3.5G network and seriously think about what they get from their current wireless carriers. There’s a reason a growing number of Canadians in other cities have been switching to our flat-rated, unlimited plans. Mobilicity customers don’t give up anything except contracts that handcuff them to expensive extra charges and surprises on their bills.”

Source: Mobilicity