Rogers to launch new Hardware Upgrade Program May 5th… here are all the details

Well this settles the upcoming changes to the Rogers Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP). It was confirmed yesterday by Rob Bruce (Rogers Wireless President) and now we have the full details for you. Rogers states in the internal doc that the new option for those who want to “accelerate their hardware upgrade eligibility” will be able to do so starting on May 5th.

Here’s how it’ll work: It’s a one-time fee that’s based on how long it’s been since you activated your current device and Rogers outlines this formula: Monthly Early Upgrade Fee (see below) x Number of remaining month before the HUP eligibility date + HUP price. Simple and straight forward. Here’s the cost per device:

– $10 per month for existing voice/QMD (Quick Messaging devices)
– $15 per month for select feature devices, tablets and smartphones
– $20 per month for premium devices (including iPhone and BlackBerry Torch)

In addition, Rogers notes that “we are also changing the standard HUP wait period, which will now vary from 18-30 months depending on the customer’s current device.”

Update: We have more details, this time with examples 3 scenarios that explain exactly how the new HUP policy works:

(Thanks tipster!)