Mobilicity: 41% of Calgarians say there’s no network differences between them and Rogers, Bell, TELUS

When Mobilicity launched their Calgary service a few weeks back they also created the “Network Challenge”. It’s something like the old Coke vs. Pepsi challenge but for carrier network quality. Mobilicity said this “Network Challenge” will be making a trip across the country but will make a pit stop in Toronto this weekend.

Some interesting statistics are coming out of the Calgary challenge though. Almost 1,000 Calgarians took the challenge and 41% said they could not tell the difference between the Mobilicity network and Rogers, Bell and TELUS. Which also means that 59% could tell the difference. However, of those 59% of people 78% of them “preferred the call made on the Mobilicity device”.

Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin stated that “The fact that over 40 percent of Calgarians polled couldn’t tell a difference between the Mobilicity network and a Big Three network, and so many others liked us better, speaks volumes about our network quality and reliability. “The biggest difference for our customers isn’t network quality, it’s that Mobilicity is a better deal that saves customers loads of money.”

Source: CNW