WIND adds 39,000 subscribers in Q1… declares they are “the fastest growing wireless carrier in Canada”

Rogers, Bell and TELUS all released their Q1 2011 reports over the past week and today WIND Mobile has stated in a press release that they gained over 39,000 new subscribers this past quarter. This takes WIND to a combined subscriber base of 300,000.

In the release WIND stated they are “now officially the fastest growing wireless carrier in Canada” and have “added more new subscribers than any other provider”. The claim of “fastest growing” is based on a 30% subscriber growth and “if that growth is adjusted for the actual size of WIND’s coverage areas that means their share was over 50 per cent”. WIND operates in 5 core-city location in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

In addition, WIND is “planning to expand the network coverage in the coming year”. No word on which locations were getting the green light but we’re hearing Peterborough Kitchener/Waterloo, St. Catherine’s and Niagara falls might be added this Summer, along with expanding Alberta zones late Q4 – early Q1 2012.

Update: The Globe is reporting that WIND’s ARPU (Average Rate Per User) is $29/month. “Mr. Lacavera, for his part, says Wind’s average revenue per user, or ARPU, comes out to $29 only because Wind factors in promotional activity on top of its relatively small subscriber base of several hundred thousand customers. When short-term discounts are excluded, the number climbs to about $35, he said.”

Source: CNW