Speck Products rocks iPhone and iPad case lineup at CES

Speck Products have always made nice cases, but one of the highlights of the show for us was its awesome iPhone and iPad case showing.

I got a chance to look at all the new CandyShell offerings, from the new CandyShell Grip, aimed at mobile gamers, to the CandyShell Flip, with an intuitive flip-out dock, to the CandyShell Card, which has room for up to 3 credit cards.

They’re all made of high-quality polycarbonate and have two layers, a soft inside silicone for shock absorbing and a hard “candy shell” to protect against drops and breaks. I like that the company is focusing on specific types of users, and its offerings are competitively priced and pretty unique.

The iPad 2 cases are also pretty interesting. The MagFolio Lounge is a new product that hasn’t even been added to Speck’s website, but in addition to featuring a Smart Cover-compatible enclosure, it folds back to fit the contours of your knee, for when you’re trying to make yourself comfortable typing on the couch. The iPad is definitely one of those devices that feels best when kicking back and relaxing, but it’s not designed to stay still while typing.

We’ll be taking a closer look at all the cases in future reviews. Check the break for more pics.