Video: HzO shows the future of waterproofing electronic devices

This is one of the coolest demonstrations that I’ve seen at CES 2012. HzO has created a “cutting-edge technology” called WaterBlock and it does exactly what the name suggests – blocks water from getting into your electronic devices. So this means that there’s potentially no more water damage caused by drops in the pool, sink, toilet, steam, rain… anything to do with water. The video shows a functioning Samsung Galaxy SII immersed in water for about 10 seconds, then removed an working perfectly. Apparently how the magic happens is that the entire device is doused with a thin layer of a nano gas coating that basically forms a protective barrier. HZO has been showing this protection for a couple years now, first demoed it with iPods, but are finally in talks with various manufacturers about making it part of the manufacturing process. Paul Clayson, HzO president and CEO, said he’s expecting it to be available this Summer. This would potentially made devices have a longer life cycle, plus save the manufactures millions of dollars every year from water damage.