Public Mobile targets Mobilicity customers, offers up $199 to those who port over

The battle between wireless carriers, specifically the newer carriers against Canada’s Big 3, has been going strong for a couple years now. There’s been steady competition on the monthly rate plans and the price of handsets, which have both become moderately affordable.

We’ve seen WIND Mobile and Mobilicity target Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and their sub-brands, but rarely have we seen Public Mobile enter the ring. Public is a different breed. They’ve continued down their path of offering “value conscious Canadians” uber entry-level devices at entry-level price plans. Their unlimited talk, text, data and now music can be had for about $30/month. Since Public is a private company they have no pressing need to share their subscriber numbers, but last February they declared 199,000 subs.

It now seems they are gunning to take valuable subscribers away from other newer player Mobilicity. They’ve dreamed up a promo that boldly says “Bring your Mobilicity phone to any Public Mobile store and we’ll give you up to $199 trade-in value that you can use to purchase a new Public Mobile phone.” Public only operates in southern Ontario and the core of Montreal, so it’s really is valid to those in Ontario.

Fierce competition in Canada… and the holiday season has not even started yet!

Source: Public