Samsung earns record $7.4 billion profit in Q3 2012 on strong Galaxy sales

Samsung has scored another win with the announcement of its Q3 results. The Korean company earned a record $7.4 billion USD profit. This was on revenue of around $47.5 billion, a huge number in itself. Apple, in comparison, earned $8.2 billion on $36 billion revenue.

The company is estimated to have shipped an incredible 58 million smartphones, the most ever seen in a single quarter. Compared to Apple, which sold 26.9 million iPhones, Samsung is certainly winning the sheer numbers game. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S III has been out in parts of the world since May, while the iPhone 5 debuted in late September, only 9 days before the close of Apple’s Q4 tally. Approximately 20 million Galaxy S IIIs were sold in Q3.

Samsung’s mobile division contributed to a sizeable portion of the company’s revenue, adding nearly $24 billion in sales alone. During the company’s Note II launch last night, they said that nearly one in four Samsung employees works in research and development, and they are committed to innovation in the smartphone game. This was a direct push back against Apple’s claims of patent and trade dress infringement.

Samsung’s good fortunes are expected to slow somewhat in the coming quarters as increased competition and fewer blockbuster product launches lead to a slight sales glut. While the Galaxy Note II is expected to pick up some of the slack, it admits that competition from other LTE handsets is going to lower profit margins going forward.

Via: Reuters, The Verge