Virgin to release new holiday plan and several add-ons November 7th

Majority of the handsets for the busy holiday season have been already been announced by the carriers. Most have been presented with the always familiar/frustrating “coming soon” label. What’s left now is for them to reveal their holiday promo plans.

Today, we present you the cards Virgin Mobile will be laying down – basically a new $30/month Text + Voicemail/Call Display plan, plus several add-ons. According to the internal doc we received it states that customers should “hold on to your candy canes, cause Virgin Mobile is about to jingle your bells!” Nice. Virgin is the only carrier that can get away with saying a line like that. The plans will start on November 7th and will be in place “until stores close” on December 31st.

$30 Text + Voicemail/Call Display:
– 150 Anytime Minutes
– Unlimited Weekends & Evenings at 5pm
– Unlimited Canada, US and International Text & Pic Messaging
– Voicemail 10 & Call Display
– Does not include Canada-Wide Calling

New data add-on promo:
– Members (subscribers) who sign up for a $15 and above data add-on on any Choice Plan will score 50% off for 3 months.

New data add-ons:
500MB for $15 on Choice Plans (Additional data is $10/GB and not available for BlackBerry)
Bundle $15 on Combo Plans (includes Voicemail,Call Display, Early Evenings from 5pm and 10 hours of MobileTV)
Visual Voice Bundle for Choice & Combo Plans ($8/month Members get our Visual Voicemail for iPhone or BlackBerry, Android is apparently coming soon)
Anytime Minutes for Choice & Combo Plans: (100 Anytime Minutes for $10/mo, or 300 Anytime Minutes for $25/month)

We’ll perhaps see some more coming down the pipe as other carriers announce their plans. For now, that’s what Virgin has in store.

(Thanks tipster!)