CyanogenMOD 10 reaches stable status for some devices, Android 4.2 version coming soon

Just as Android 4.1 is superseded by its Jelly Bean-filled sequel, Android 4.2, CyanogenMOD has hit another milestone. The team has launched stable builds of its CM10 software for a number of devices, though the relative stability of each build depends on the the development process of each phone.

Devices such as the Galaxy S III, for example, are comparatively more stable than the equivalent Exynos-based devices, because Qualcomm has more willing to share its proprietary libraries than Samsung. To check if your particular device has been added to the list of stable builds for CM10, head to get.cm and download the appropriate file.

More importantly, perhaps, is the announcement that CM10.1, the next version of the popular custom ROM, will be based on Android 4.2. The changes will likely be merged in the next few days, and nightly builds based on Android 4.2 will be downloadable shortly thereafter. Considering this new version of Android is largely iterative and introduces only a select number of new features, it makes sense that the new version of CyanogenMOD will be called CM10.1 and not CM11.

Source: CyanogenMOD