Facebook turns on “Share” button for mobile web, coming soon to Android and iOS

Facebook has turned on one of its most requested features, and it will make link hounds on the social network very happy.

A “Share” button has finally been added to mobile — first the mobile web, then Android and iOS apps — allowing users to take an existing post and duplicate it on their timelines with a comment or snarky remark.

While it’s possible that this will add a lot of unwanted content to users’ feeds, it may begin to replace the “Like” button as people choose to quickly action a post instead of liking it, which appears more passive.

Facebook has been iterating its feature set to compete with fast-moving Twitter, and a mobile “share” button is more akin to a retweet than a like, which endorses but does not move a post past its original location. Zuckerberg and Co. have likely been testing out the feature for some time, and are going to be cognizant of how it affect users’ experiences. It already consolidates posts that have been shared by multiple people, and companies are going to be very happy about this addition.

There’s no word when the feature is coming to the Android and iOS apps, but we’d expect it to roll out in the coming days.

Source: Techcrunch