Apollo Music Player comes to Google Play Store courtesy of CyanogenMOD

There is no shortage of great music players available to Android users. From Winamp to DoubleTwist to PowerAmp, users have access to powerful equalizer tools, gorgeous interfaces and excellent widgets.

Now you can add Apollo to that list. Originally available exclusively through CyanogenMOD, Apollo Music Player was expected to arrive on the Android Market back when it was so called. Now, months later, the app is available on the Play Store in both an ad-supported free version and a 99c ad-free version.

Key features include home screen shortcuts, swipe-based navigation, lockscreen widgets on Android 4.2, notification controls in Android 4.1+, and more.

The devs also promise big feature upgrades in the near future, including automatic artist and song information, Daydream support and customizable widgets.

Head to the Play Store for Apollo and Apollo+.

Via: Android Police