Survey finds that 36% of Canadians would quit drinking coffee before giving up their smartphone

A new survey, on behalf of WIND Mobile and Angus Reid, of 1,501 Canadians reveals that we have a deep connection to our smartphones. 39% would give up watching sports, 37% would give up playing video games, 36% would quit drinking coffee, and 28% would give up TV before giving up their device. The video games and TV I can see as we can now play games and watch our favourite shows on the go. Heck, even sports as the NHL season is all but gone due to the lockout, but coffee might be a stretch.

The survey also found that 64% of adults (18-34) would be thrilled to score a new smartphone this year (no worries, our big December contest is coming up and we have over 12 devices on deck so far). Mirko Rugarli, WIND Mobile’s CMO, said “We know Canadians love their smartphones, but no one wants to shackle their loved one with an expensive, multi-year contract.”

Source: CNW