Vimeo releases improved iPhone app with emphasis on content

Vimeo has long been known as YouTube’s quirky, artistic cousin. It’s independently owned, and features premium content from filmmakers, musicians and visual artists with a clean, mobile-friendly interface. The company features Android and Windows Phone apps, but they appear to have fallen to the wayside as the company focused its efforts on building a beautiful, functional iPhone app.

Now at version 3.0, Vimeo for iPhone is the company’s first app built entirely in-house, and it shows. Gone is the convoluted and meandering video editor and other surplus features few were using; Vimeo for iPhone is all about watching great content and uploading new or existing photos quickly.

The company now allows video uploads in the background, and user content can be automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter with rich previews. There’s also a tab-based navigation system that makes finding the best content easy — and the curated lists of Staff Picks provide glimpses at brilliance.

No word on whether Vimeo will be updated for Android or Windows Phone, but you can expect the former to be updated first.

Download Vimeo 3.0 for iPhone.