City of Toronto says Uber is operating illegally, charges them with 25 licensing offences

Uber launched limo service earlier this year, then ventured into competing directly against the Toronto-based taxi cab companies. The Uber app is available for iOS and Android and gives users the ability to easily call and pay for limos or taxis via their smartphone, but it seems they might have hit a pothole.

The City of Toronto has handed Uber 25 municipal licensing offences totalling $25,000. According to a report in the Toronto Star, the tickets include operating an unlicensed taxi brokerage and unlicensed limo service business. Uber gives cab drivers or limo owners the option to sign up to potentially start making extra money while being idle. This is not considered a taxi or limo license in the City of Toronto.

Richard Mucha, acting manager of licensing enforcement for Toronto, stated “If you plan on running a limousine service in the City of Toronto, or a taxi cab brokerage, then you require a licence,” says Mucha. “We met with Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick in the spring of this year and we advised him in no uncertain terms that they were not operating in accordance with the City of Toronto’s licensing bylaw. So our position should come as no surprise to Uber.”

Uber has not commented on the smackdown, plus has never applied to the City for a taxi cab brokerage license, which costs $380. The difference between Uber and rival competitor Hailo is that Hailo has their license to operate.

Source: Toronto Star
Via: TNW