WiLAN, once again, sues RIM for patent infringement

Yet another patent infringement case has been filed. Back again for another round is patent-licensing company WiLAN who’s targeting Waterloo-based Research In Motion. These two companies are familiar with each other in court as WiLAN previously claimed RIM infringed on various patents (U.S. Patent numbers 5,515,369 and 6,232,969) involving frequency sharing and “A Device for composing or editing a string of characters.”

This time around they have brought forward U.S. Patent No. 6,260,168 that specifically relates to Bluetooth technologies in various BlackBerry devices. WiLAN stated they’ve “initiated litigation claiming patent infringement in the Southern District of Florida against Research In Motion Limited.” According to the USTPO patent 6,260,168 is described as “Paging system having optional forward error correcting code transmission at the data link layer.”

WILAN is seeking an a preliminary and permanent injunctions on various BlackBerry devices, including the PlayBook, Bold, Torch, Pearl and Storm smartphones. In addition, WiLAN is also requesting unspecified amount in damages.

Hopefully they reach a licensing agreement before BlackBerry 10 is released.

Source: MarketWire
Via: Reuters, WiLAN