Nokia updates Cinemagraph app for Windows Phone with sharing features

One of Nokia’s best — and most frustrating — additions to its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia lineup was a small app called Cinemagraph. Modeled after the growing animated GIF movement, the app allows you to capture several seconds of relatively low-quality video and selectively animate a select area. It’s been done on other platforms, notably Flixel for iOS, and Nokia’s implementation is fairly intuitive.

The main issue with the app, however, was a lack of sharing options; the cinemagraph was relatively useless after you generated it. In an update released this week, Nokia now allows you to spread your masterpiece across Facebook and Twitter, though due to the proprietary image format used it links with Nokia’s servers.

Because the app generates areas in the image it thinks will be best suited to movement, there is very little user interaction needed to generate an excellent-quality cinemagraph. But there are manual options available for more granular editing. As we showed you last week, an app like this isn’t particular easy to make; we’re just happy Nokia finally got the message that sharing is caring.

Download Cinemagraph for Windows Phone 8.

Via: TheNextWeb