Flipboard update makes it worth owning an Android tablet

Flipboard came to Android as a sort-of exclusive to the Galaxy S III earlier this year, and since then has gone through an extensive beta period before rolling out to all smartphones.

Now, the popular news aggregator/curated magazine thing has been updated to support all Android tablets. This includes seven and 10-inch varieties such as the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, and if you’ve ever used the app on the iPad it works quite similarly.

Unlike the smartphone-optimized version, Flipboard for tablets is meant to be used in landscape mode with horizontal navigation, though it will work just fine in portrait mode on smaller slates. The app fits three columns on to the screen and loads web pages in a lively desktop view, with permanent top and bottom context bars present. As with the other versions, you can save articles for later perusal using Instapaper or Pocket, while articles and photos look great on the big screen.

I found performance to be a little choppy on the Nexus 10; scrolling and swiping isn’t as smooth as on the iPad, but it’s a good start. Flipboard says in its press release that because they worked directly with Samsung to develop the app, it is optimized for Galaxy tablets. Take from that what you will, but I’m sure it will work just fine on your Acer or Asus slate, too.

Download Flipboard for Android.