Good Deals: SwiftKey for Android, WhatsApp for iPhone, Tweetbot for iOS, Sega games for iOS and Android

A few good deals to tell you about this morning as we close in on Christmas.

– SwiftKey for Android has been discounted to $1.99, both for the phone and tablet versions. This is the best alternative keyboard for the platform, and if you’ve ever wanted to get rid of the terrible typing experience that came with your device, now is the time.

WhatsApp for iPhone has gone free for a limited time. Traditionally a 99c purchase, the app now matches its Windows Phone and Android equivalents, both of which are free for one year and 99c/year thereafter.

– Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad has been discounted to 99c each for a limited time. While the iPhone has great Twitter apps, including the free official app, Tweetbot is still considered the most robust experience for power users.

– Sega games such as Jet Set Radio, Sonic CD, Sonic 4: Ep 1 & 2 and Total War Battles have been discounted significantly, to between 99c and $1.99 on both iOS and Android. Older iOS games such as ChuChu Rocket! and Super Monkey Ball have also been discounted, all to 99c.

Have any other app deals? Let us know in the comments…