RIM once again confirms at least six BlackBerry 10 devices will launch in 2013

It’s long been rumoured that RIM will be bringing multiple BlackBerry 10 devices to market this year. We heard back in August that there would be six phones in 2013, three with keyboards and three without, and today the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben, confirmed the assertion.

In truth, it’s possible that more BlackBerry 10 devices will hit the market this year, but there will likely be six main models, with carrier variations hitting various countries with minor changes. The first device to be released will be the L-Series, informally known as the Z10, with a Bold-like QWERTY phone following, known informally as the X10, following shortly thereafter.

As for what has traditionally been known as the Curve line, RIM will follow up its high-end deluge with some low- and mid-range devices in the second half of the year. It’s assumed that all BlackBerry 10 devices, even the inexpensive ones, will be fully touchscreen, doing away with the trackpad altogether.

When BlackBerry 10 is announced at the end of then month, with the first devices getting to consumers some time in February, it will have some 70,000 apps altogether and 90% of the top 600 apps on iOS and Android. The app story continues to be the big question mark in BlackBerry 10’s potential success. The first device is in testing with 150 carrier partners, and Rogers, Bell and TELUS have already announced they will carry the first BlackBerry 10 device in Canada.

Via: FierceWireless